10 tips to be at the top in google search in this post we will show you how you can rank your website in google

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Here are the few key tips that you can follow to rank your website or business to be at the top among the other many great businesses or websites on the internet

why you would want to rank your website ?

to be in the top results of google is guarantee a lot of visitors to your website, we really mean a lot of visitors. & without impression to your website you can’t possibly get conversions that you are expecting, ranking your website isn’t too difficult unless you follow the rules below.

We strongly encourage you to pay very close attention to the Quality Guidelines, which outline some of the illicit practices that may lead to a site being removed entirely from the Google index or otherwise affected by an algorithmic or manual spam action. If a site has been affected by a spam action, it may no longer show up in results on Google.com or on any of Google’s partner sites. GOOGLE 2017

Now let’s get down to the real question how you can rank your website in google search for maximum exposures to your website

  1. Your website must be responsive/mobile-friendly
  2. Get to know about google algorithm
  3. Check your current search ranking
  4. track and measure right matrics
  5. Use long-tailed keywords (use google keywords planner tool for that)
  6. Check your One Page for SEO
  7. Use relavant keywords
  8. Make sure you use such keywords that are in title of the page and description
  9. Build links in right way
  10. Create posts on other website with dofollow links

#1 Mobile Friendly Design

Your website design must be mobile friendly google now prefers mobile friendly design to be at the top in google search.

#2 Google algorithm

Google keeps making updates to algorithm that’s why most online marketers find it troublesome to rank websites but when you keep yourself up to date with google algorithm your website can rank higher in the google search, even though most of these changes aren’t publicly announced or described, that’s why a large number of marketers find great it difficult to be at the top in google search.

#3 Current Rank

in order to be successful you will need to figure out where you stand at the moment there is one many way to do that you may click here to know you rank

  1. improve your website speed
  2. check your website for errors
  3. use compressed images and js/css for faster loading
  4. install SSL certificate to improve ranking
  5. installing SSL get https calls fix your images or js if they are getting http call.

#4 Track & measure right matrics

Next, it’s time to track some vital metrics of your site to find out what other factors you need to improve. Here are the most important metrics to assess.

It’s important to know how many visitors find your site via Google. A study from BrightEdge showed that organic search drove 51% of B2B and B2C website visitors, crushing non-organic channels like paid search and social media, which drove 10% and 5%.

The study also showed that organic search was the highest source of revenue for every industry except media and entertainment, where email, display, and referrals led by a small margin.

You may login to your Google Analytics account report to check how many visitors found your website in google searc

Set the conversion page to track the conversion for instance “thank you” page

#5 Use long-tailed keywords

Use long-tailed keywords that will surely improve your google search ranking you may use Google keywords planner tool for that.

#6 Check your One Page for SEO

Now that you understand your search ranking and have set up tracking for the most important metrics, it’s time to examine your site in detail to see if there are any penalties in effect.

#7 User relevant keywords

Use relevant keywords to your website or post adding irrelevant keywords makes impossible to find your post or website so make sure you add relevant keywords.

#8 Make sure you use keywords that are in title & description

Make sure you use keywords that are in title of the post or page & description, if you have a different post title & different description but the keywords are different this isn’t good for SEO. you can use multiple keywords though.

#9 Build link in right way

when you place anchor text links “above-the-fold,” it can increase conversion rates.

The anchor text linking strategy is mostly used when you’re looking to rank for a particular keyword.

You can use your target keyword as anchor text, but to be on the safe side and avoid penalties with the search algorithm, mix it up with generic keywords.

For example, if your primary keyword is wordpress themes reviews, when building your links from another site, link naturally like this: find the best wordpress theme reviews, top wordpress themes, etc.

You can also use images

#10 Dofollow links

dofollow links can improve your website ranking in the google search for sure.

  1. Unique active backlinks
  2. NoFollow links
  3. DoFollow links

Unique active backlinks

his shows the number of links that directly or indirectly affect your Google ranking. “Unique” means that the links are from different IP addresses. That’s one way to identify a natural link. These links have been indexed by Google in the last 90 days.

NoFollow & DoFollow

Google introduced the rel= “nofollow” tag in 2005 to stop spammy blog comments from artificially manipulating rankings. After the Google Penguin update was rolled out, it became essential to diversify your link profile. And as Matt Cutts mentioned, you need a mix of dofollow links (links that pass ranking value to search engines) and nofollow links (links that don’t pass ranking value)

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